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International Project Tree Planting Ghorqod Zionist Jews, place to cover, Started Since 1984

Washington Post April 1984 issue contains an article about the meeting of U.S. President Ronald Reagan at a Jewish senior lobbyist of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) named Tom Dine. The meeting was held in private.

To Tom Dine, a former Reagan State of California Governor's seriously said, "You know, I turned to the ancient prophets of the Old Testament and the signs that predict Armageddon War. I myself wondered, are we going to see these things be fulfilled. I do not know. Did you recently have also noticed the prophecies of the prophets that ... but, believe me, that the prophecies that describe the times that we are living today. "

Tom Dine smiled and nodded slowly.
President Reagan was the first President of the United States to start a new tradition in the protocol of the White House, where worship, religious seminars, and meetings with a number of prominent American Evangelical church often held. In the Reagan era was the Zionist-Christian understanding in the elite circles of American government. All policies, particularly U.S. policy abroad, particularly to the Middle East region, very creamy shades of Zionists.
Reagan's successor, George H. W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush, are people who are very confident about the prophecies (promises or predictions) of God as contained in the Gospels Darby or Scofield, official American Gospel. According to their beliefs, the end of the millennium is an era in which one day will be the Last Great Battle (Armageddon) that involve the whole world, the Army of God against the forces of Satan. Christ will defeat the Anti-Christ. And after that the world would be a peaceful and prosperous until the coming of the day end.

Therefore, based on the belief in the Last Day as prophesied in the Bible Darby, the President of the American working very hard to clear the way for the day when Christ will come a second time. Because according to their belief in Christ will descend on the land of Palestine, they try to take control of Palestinian land is the fullest and give it to the Jews.

The Zionists, whether they are located in the Land of Palestine and spread in America and Europe, is confident that the era of the third millennium is the gate at the end of the age. Whether intentionally or not, the case of the WTC 911, where the Twin Towers are seen from a distance like a gate, demolished, though it opened a new era for this belief.
Every effort they do to face the coming Messiah which they believe will lead them out of the Temple of Solomon to conquer the world.
However, there is one anomaly that is diametrically opposed to their belief is. On the one hand they claim to be very confident will be able to beat all of humanity, wabilkhusus Muslims, and a world leader, but on the other hand they are also competing to reforest land which they occupied Palestine illegally, with ghorqod tree (Latin name: Nitraria retusa).

There is a hadeeth on the final day of the tree: "Nothing will happen until the Muslims fight the doom of the Jews and kill them, so that a Jew hiding behind rocks and trees, and the stone and the tree said: 'O Muslim! O servants of Allah! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! Unless ghorqod tree, then, it is from the trees of the Jews, "(HR VII/188 Muslim, Bukhari IV/51, Lu'lu 'wa al-Marjan III/30).
Seeing the act of the Zionist-Jewish competing Palestinian land planted with trees Ghorqod, then this fact tells us that the Jews actually understand the nature of the final day, where they will be persecuted by Muslims and only Ghorqod tree was the one- the only place willing to be a hiding place (shelter) to Jews.

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