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Welcomes Palestine! How Rohingya, Shiites and Ahmadis in Indonesia?

"Papi, how to welcome the presence of the Palestinian state," asked the woman Monahara teen beauties who wear hijab because Ahok, on his fighting cock fighting my neighbor's handyman.
"Well if the problem is so we just ask Uncle Niko yes," said fighting with cheerful faces.
For the first time a Palestinian State emerge on Earth. Although this is still only a paper form. With 138 UN members agree, 41 countries abstained and only 9 countries refused, so from now Palestinians can do a lot of things that can be used to drive real independence for Palestine in full.
At the same time the recognition of Palestine as a state, Israel will build 30.000 housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The emergence of the Palestinian's too long since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. If in 1948 the Arab countries in the Middle East do not oppose the presence of Israel, the Palestinian area of ​​approximately 48% of the entire territory of Israel and Palestine today. Now the area of ​​the planned Palestinian State and Israel approved only 14%, reduced considerably.
Territory of Palestine covers only a piece of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It is caused by Israel's building and seizing land occupied and owned by Palestinians. In the land of the Israeli occupation continues to build housing that would confirm the existence of Israel in the occupied land.
Victory in the form of recognition that Palestine become a state - a law would bring political consequences for both parties. First, if Israel attacked Gaza during this blindly, Israel is only considered to be operating in an area of ​​a part of Israel. Israel to Palestinians now believe does not exist.
Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem is only regarded as an authority in the areas under the group of Arabs. Now if there was a similar attack and the building of settlements in Palestinian territory - although it is not clear where the boundaries of the United Nations to act to protect and bring issues to the realm of law at the International Court (ICC).
Second, Israel and the United States can not deny kepenolakan continuous Palestinian state. Although both countries oppose UN recognition and assume it will not change anything on the ground. True indeed. 100% of Palestine as the state of the economy depends on the U.S. contribution of U.S. 200 million per year. With this help the Palestinians set up by the U.S. and Israel. Besides the distribution of goods and movement of people 100% controlled and blockaded by the Israeli army. Palestinians living in the grip of Israel.
Palestine is like Rohingya can not move in the dispute. The difference with the Rohingyas are 'non-recognition as citizens' cause Rohingya loss of economic rights and civil and human rights as more fundamental. (Confession others put and give identity to us). Rohingya significantly aid untouched for centuries.
Third, the reality status as the country allows international economic aid and arms - are expected to Arab countries could help - can be done because of the status. Palestine is not only limited to entities and areas without legitimacy as a state. Even with weapons purchases and can be legally done. So far, the State of Palestine has no army - a status that Israel will retain fear if Palestinians form the Armed Forces. Israel's strong position as long as it is only there because of the support of the United States and the United Kingdom alone-besides military power Nuclear Israel.
Fourth, Israel benefit from this recognition. Palestine - Hamas terrorist gangs, in the view of Israel - no longer able to erase the existence of Israel. Since the 1993 Oslo agreement actually recognize Israel de jure Palestinian entity. However, due to the economic interests of major powers in the arms race in the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict allowed to sustainable and enduring of all time. The existence of this conflict has been favorable world economic wheels.
What's interesting is this confession given after European economic difficulty. Turkey became a new force in the Middle East with the binding status of NATO members. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood with its turned into an Islamic state - the New Constitution calls Islam a state religion, just as the Romans declared Christianity as the Roman state religion. Now Turkey and Egypt played a key role. Also Iran. While Saudi Arabia remains a U.S. stooge.
Europe aware of the changing world economic power and geopolitical reality of change in the Middle East has brought change. Europe and the United States can not simply do as they like. When France, Russia, China voiced - with China and Russia as the world economic power, when it changes become inevitable.
Yet despite Israel melalaui Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that what is produced in the United Nations is just nonsense and does not change anything on the ground, but in reality it is a whopping UN recognition of Israel's largest-American diplomacy in the Palestinian issue. Welcome to the State of Palestine. This is the first time I called Palestine as a state in my article.
Now what about the Rohingya? Is the UN going to remain silent about the fate of human beings as we are, together with the Palestinians and Israel? Then the lack of freedom in worship for Ahmadis and Shiites in Indonesia was actually to be released? Colonialism in the form of a religion is violated ketidakpengakuan divinity. Religion is a unique and intrinsic element in man known only by the man himself. Identity and freedom in fact necessary in order to present the essence of humanity.
Indonesia should not have too much air euphoria with the presence of a new Palestinian state. Shiites and Ahmadis are Rohingya and the Palestinians in the realm of the occupation and the pressure in the psychology of religious freedom as a human being.
Country Indonesia disregarded, occupation, looting and even killing by certain religious groups. It is clear to the followers of these religions are a burden. Thus, Indonesia should fix religious freedom and complete homework with Yasmin church case, HKBP Bekasi, land conflicts in various regions of the country were seized estates and private companies - because land is a human identity, as Palestinians. That way we welcome the arrival of a Palestinian state.
"Yeah yeah ... fix first about freedom of religion in Indonesia, do not need air-euphoria demonstrations everywhere. No need to also send volunteers to Gaza ... and do not always have to stand at the intersection asking for donations. Occasionally dong standing at the intersection contributed to the Shiite Sampang, or damage to the Ahmadis in Cikeusik, yes ... "said Pingkan the beauty, one of the four wives Dai with a serious face, still looking beautiful.
Greetings happy my style.

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