Jumat, 23 November 2012

Interior minister Flag Aceh Qanun Evaluation

Jakarta, InfoPublik - Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi said, will evaluate regional or flag Aceh Qanun matter because it has become the authority Kemendagri.
"Qanun or local regulations about the flag of Aceh will be fixed we evaluate according to the Act, and our evaluation referral is PP No. 77 of 2007 chapter 6 verse 4 which says that the symbol should not be the same as the symbol of the separatist movement," said Gamawan in his office on Friday (23/11).
Gamawan asserted that the evaluation of the laws at the local level is not only applicable to Aceh, but also in other areas. "The authority of the Ministry of the Interior is to evaluate the entire qanun at the regional or provincial level. So qanun in Aceh would be evaluated, "he said.
He said there was no deadline for the Government of Aceh to finish some unfinished qanun.
Previously, legislatures are discussing the draft qanun flag and emblem of Aceh. Local legislatures also encompass a variety of opinions from organizations and communities in Aceh related emblem flag Aceh Movement (GAM) which will be used as the flag of Aceh. (Rm)

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